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“My son and I had mp idea the impact of having a Showball Certified Scouting Report conducted until we left the event. We were able to use the scouting report for multiple purpose – all of which served my son well. The report’s feedback and information on best to improve Danny’s overall game (at the plate and in the field) was priceless. However, the BONUS was that we shared the report with multiple college coaches this past fall and they all appreciated Coach Serrano’s input and analysis on Danny’s potential and project-ability. I highly recommend every ballplayer invests in the report. Without it, Danny may not have had all of the offers he received. Thanks again Coach Serrano and Showball!”

-Showball Parent. Danny played at Yale

Showball Baseball Official Scouting Report

Showball Baseball’s Certified Scouting Report

The Certified Scouting Reports Are Now Available at Showball Camps.

The report is provided by Dave Serrano.

Former Head Coach at
Cal State Fullerton, UC Irvine and University of Tennessee

A no holds-barred scouting report that matters and can be utilized to enhance your recruitment. Currently, only available to Showball participants.

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Who is Dave Serrano?

Coach Serrano is one of the most decorated head coaches in college baseball (and former coach of Team USA).

Dave has successfully been a head coach at:

UC Irvine (2005 – 2007)
2007 Baseball America National Coach of the Year!
College World Series Appearance

Cal State Fullerton (2008 – 2011)
2009 College World Series Appearance

University of Tennessee (2012 – 2017)

Cal State University of Northridge (2020 – 2022)

Coach Serrano's Resume

Coach Serrano has an impressive baseball resume:

  • Dave has coached 190 players drafted
  • As recruiting coordinator and head coach has had 10 classes ranked in top 25
  • Dave was recognized for having the number one recruiting class in the nation
  • Dave has been to Omaha 7 times overall and twice as a head coach at two different schools.
  • Part of National Championship team as Assistant Coach in 2004 at CSF
  • 2009- Assistant Coach of Team USA Collegiate Team
  • 2011- Head Coach of Team USA Collegiate Team
  • 2004- National Assistant Coach of the Year at Cal State Fullerton
  • 2007- National Head Coach of the Year at UC Irvine
  • Dave has coached 195 players drafted in the MLB Draft
  • Dave has coached 46 MLB players
  • Dave has coached 12, 1st Round Draft picks over his career
  • Dave has over 500 wins as a head coach
  • Dave is currently the Head Coach at Johnson University (NAIA) in Knoxville, TN
  • Dave has hundreds of contacts of coaches all over the country
Why Order Your Certified Scouting Report?

Why Order Your Certified Scouting Report?

Other coaches respect and acknowledge Coach Serrano’s ability to identify talent at all levels and a Dave Serrano endorsement will increase your odds of being recruited exponentially.

When Coach Serrano endorses a player, other coaches listen.

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