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“After a 7 year career playing and coaching at the Major League level, I highly recommend every high school and college player takes advantage of this unique opportunity. The tools my son received from the hard data and analytics were unmatched to anything I have seen before. He now has the information and associated drills he needs to improve his approach to hitting. It has paid dividends so far!”

-Showball Parent and Former MLB Player

Louisville Slugger Hitting Mobile Science Center

The Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center is
One of The Top Baseball Player Development
and Educational Centers in The World.


To help players train to their strengths, reduce their weaknesses, increase their opportunities and diminish risks in order to to take the their game to the next level utilizing science and technology.
The Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center implements cutting-edge technology and partners with medical and exercise science experts to help each player achieve greater success and to learn more about themselves

To Learn More About Some of The Features Offered With The Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center Scientific Method

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What Is Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center Swing Analysis

The Swing Analysis, performed by the LSHSC Staff, will give each a player an in-depth look into their biomechanics throughout their swing, reveal the player’s foot profile, and identify their unique ground force tendencies.  Using the latest optic based kinematic sequencing software and backend analytical models while consulting with former and current professional baseball staff allows Slugger Science to objectively identify efficiencies and deficiencies and provide relevant tools and drills that will help improve as an athlete.   

  •  Professional-level analysis: Players will be evaluated under the same quality and standards as the Louisville Slugger Pros.  Compare your swing efficiency to that of a Big Leaguer.  
  •  Personalized feedback: The report will give you a detailed understanding of your strengths and weaknesses as an athlete, allowing you to tailor your training to meet your specific needs.  
  •  Improved performance: With a clear understanding of your biomechanics and areas for improvement, you’ll be able to make targeted changes to your training routine and improve your performance on the field. 

Player receives diagnostic baseline data from a series of tests and evaluations (these are examples; not all features are available at all camps):

  • Rapsodo
  • Kinematic Sequencing Technology
  • Running Speed
  • Gripometer
  • Vertical
  • Raw Arm Strength
  • Position Specific Metrics
  • Raw Bat Speed
  • Batted Ball Bat Speed
  • Reaction Time
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Body Composition
  • Learning Tendencies
  • Raw Power
  • VO2 Max
  • Alpha-Beta-Theta Function

The diagnostic baseline data will then be analyzed by an expert Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center coach (these are examples; not all features are available at all camps):

  • Louisville Slugger Hitting
  • Science Center Score
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Baseball IQ
  • Mental Approach
  • Nutritional Profile
  • Neurocognitive Data
  • Defensive Skills and Technique
  • Throwing Skills and Technique
  • Offensive Skills and Technique
  • Baserunning Skills and Technique

Our experts will develop a fully personalized custom program for the player that includes (these are examples; not all features are available at all camps):

  • Neurocognitive
  • Nutrition
  • Strength
  • Mental Skills and Performance Optimization
  • Defensive Drills and Technique Work
  • Offensive Drills and Technique Work
  • Baserunning Drills and Technique Work
  • Speed and Agility
  • Arm Strength and Arm Care
  • Scientific Bat Fitting
  • Career Planning


What is the Problem that Louisville Slugger Solves?

Louisville Slugger is a true player development program starting from the ground up. Our training begins with a proper medically-integrated foot scan. By identifying the athlete’s foot profile, we are then able to train and/or correct based on the individual’s baseline biomechanics.

Why Should a High School Player, Who Wants to Play College Baseball, Invest in This Solution?

The Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center’s (LSHSC) unique approach stands above the rest. LSHSC’s focus, to help players elevate to the next level with our unique approach from the ground up, allows us to make adjustments and corrections based on the individual’s biomechanical makeup. In addition, our partnership with Signing Day Sports allows athletes to be exposed to hundreds of college coaches and recruiters nationwide. Each athlete currently receives one free month of a SDS subscription 

What Does Each Player Receive After He Complete the Analysis? 

Each player receives a LSHSC Player Profile with the data that is collected from the camp with his own Uplift Labs MOCAP Report. Moreover, a link to set up his profile will be emailed to him once their data is in our system. The player profile link will be emailed to each student-athlete within 24 hours of the completion of the event.  

What Do Players Do With This information Once Received?

Review it. Share with their coach. Share with scouts/recruiters. Don’t share it based on how good/bad it is? Explore more options to continue to evaluate their play. Its their information to do what they will with it. It is designed to give unbiased feedback to their current mechanics. What’s holding them back or what’s going to keep them moving the needle forward. How will it make them better? We will have identified any deficiencies and efficiencies (strengths and weaknesses) from a biomechanical standpoint. Are there any other costs associated with the analysis once camp ends. Their player profile, dashboard, Foot Profile Report and Motion Capture report are included. Any add-ons (Full Swing Analysis, Scientific Bat Fitting, Workouts, Player Programming, LS products, SDS full Subscriptions, etc…) will be available at an additional cost.

What Type of Testing Results Does Each Player Receive?

The Louisville Slugger Sports Science Center Testing Explained

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