Why Attend A Showball Showcase Camp?

Showball aims to exceed expectations at all times. Every coach, parent, guardian, player, and student-athlete deserves nothing less.

We understand how difficult it is to navigate the college recruiting process, therefore, we not only pride ourselves on, but also separate ourselves from other companies who operate showcase camps. With over two decades experience in the showcase industry, we know that your time and investment to attend any camp is an enormous undertaking. That is why we NEVER mislead you.

More often that not other showcase companies will mislead you with high tuition rates, false promises, and flashy marketing campaigns. However, when the ballplayer arrives at the event the attending coaches are either not present or not the true decision makers for the program. This is unfortunate, because it amplifies the stereotype of the showcase industry—making false promises to encourage enrollment and increase revenue.

Rest assured, Showball’s reputation is the opposite. We work all year long to ensure that our reputation is #1 in the country. The only way to accomplish that is to ensure what we say, we do. We are #1 for the following reasons:


We only invite the best college coaches to participate in our events – they are the decision-makers and you deserve to showcase your talents in front of those making the final decisions. We base our pride on those who make the ultimate decisions, not just the school name on the uniform.

Other Showcase Camps

Invite coaches and sometimes, unknown school representatives to attend their events. This provides a misconception to the attending ballplayer. Unfortunately, the ballplayer believes he is showcasing his talent in front of one of the schools he one day hopes to attend. The reality, the representative of the school represents the school by uniform only and may not have any influence over the head coach.

Don't Take It From Us — Please Click Here To Read What Coaches and Parents Are Saying About Showball
Want To Learn More About Why Showball Is The Best In The Country?

Contact us today.

Even if you never attend a Showball event, we are more than happy to:

  1. Answer your questions about the showcase landscape
  2. Educate you about the recruiting process
  3. Take the time to speak with you about anything baseball related.

In the end, we are honored to add value to you or your ballplayer’s experience. We started Showball under a simple core value and mission:

We want to make your son’s journey from high school to college baseball an enjoyable and successful one.

The Showball Guarantee

  • Attending Coaches
    • Almost all coaches are the head coaches  – the ultimate decision makers
  • Camp Tuition
    • Priced below other camps, but provide the same value
  • Player Feedback
    • All players receive organized in-game/post-game one-on-one, player to coach, individual constructive feedback/review
  • Our Promise
    • All coaches listed on our site have committed to attend our events
  • Games and Exposure
    • All ballplayers are guaranteed to be seen by all head coaches
  • Ballplayers
    • All position players and pitchers will be seen by all head coaches during games
  • Downtime and Breaks
    • None. All Showball events are efficient and fast-paced.
  • Advice On The College Recruiting Process
    • We are here to help. We share information openly and freely with all players and parents
  • Enrolled in Another Camp?
    • That’s great! The more exposure you can achieve, the better the position you put yourself in as a prospective college student-athlete. That is why we provide many options, locations, and dates to suit your schedule.
  • Contact Us At Anytime
    • Please pick up the phone at anytime and contact Showball owner, John Novak. John and others are always here to promptly reply to your questions at all times.
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