Live The Dream and Showcase Yourself at The MLB Stadium of the Texas Rangers

January 29, 2023


Showball Baseball & Louisville Slugger Sports Science Center Join Forces To Provide The Ultimate MLB Experience With Cutting Edge Technology and Sports Science Testing.

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A Showcase Event That Features Louisville Slugger Sports Science Testing at the MLB Stadium of theTexas Rangers

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Each attending player will receive a unique and  comprehensive report

This Event Features The Following:

  • Diagnostics & Evaluation of Each Player
  • Defensive evaluations on MLB field
  • Live batting practice on MLB field
  • Play a live game on MLB field

Also Included


  • Diagnostics & Evaluation of Each Player
  • Biomechanics Analysis
  • Kinematic Sequencing
  • Ground Force Pressure Utilization
  • Balance and Direction Efficiency
  • Players will undergo a series of baseball performance diagnostics that will include:
    • Speed
    • Strength
    • Velocity
    • Power
    • Agility
    • Mobility
  • Neurocognitive function to give a full portrait of the player’s skills and performance profile.
  • Creation of Player Profile based on the player’s individual metrics and measurements.
  • Complete Biomechanical screening from foot profile to 3-D motion capture swing and throwing analysis.

SPECIAL BONUS: Each player will receive a Certified Scouting Report

What Type of Testing Results Does Each Player Receive?

The Louisville Slugger Sports Science Center Testing Explained

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Event Details
Event Information
Camp Name
Louisville Slugger Sports Science Testing at Rangers' MLB Stadium
Camp Location
Arlington, TX
Camp Venue
Globe Life Stadium: home of the Texas Rangers
Venue Address
734 Stadium Dr, Arlington, TX 76011
Camp Dates
January 29, 2023
Camp Tuition
$695 (Early Bird) | $1,395 Regular Cost
Attending Coaches
Registration Status

The Louisville Slugger Sports Science Center Scientific Method:

Each player receives diagnostic baseline data from a series of tests and evaluations. The diagnostic baseline data will then be analyzed by an expert Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center coach.


    • Rapsodo
    • Kinematic Sequencing Technology
    • Running Speed
    • Gripometer
    • Vertical
    • Raw Arm Strength
    • Position Specific Metrics
    • Raw Bat Speed
    • Batted Ball Bat Speed
    • Reaction Time
    • Nutritional Analysis
    • Body Composition
    • Learning Tendencies
    • Raw Power
    • VO2 Max
    • Alpha-Beta-Theta Function


    • Louisville Slugger Hitting
    • Science Center Score
    • Power
    • Speed
    • Baseball IQ
    • Mental Approach
    • Nutritional Profile
    • Neurocognitive Data
    • Defensive Skills and Technique
    • Throwing Skills and Technique
    • Offensive Skills and Technique
    • Base running Skills and Technique

      Confirmed Schools & Head Coaches


      Note: Barring the college coaches being terminated from their programs, accepting positions at other schools or last second family emergencies, we guarantee their attendance!  

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      Showball Increases Your Chances of Playing In College

      The Facts Are In The Numbers

      Attend Showball To Evaluate, Recruit and Interact With High School Student-Athletes

      Said Showball Played a Major Role To Help Them Decide Which College To Attend and Play Baseball

      Said Showball Was Instrumental To Help Them Navigate Their Son's Recruiting Process

      Have Referred Other Teammates and High School Players To Attend A Showball Camp

      What Coaches Say About Showball Camps


       “The Showball Head Coach Academic Camp is an important recruiting event for my baseball program because of the many talented student-athletes who attend from all across the country. I am really looking forward to seeing the next generation of top high school recruits at the upcoming head coach camp!”


      Amherst College
      Head Coach (former), Brian Hamm




      Head Coaches Attend Showball For A Reason

      “I first want to thank you for the opportunity to work the Showball Camp. I’ve been at Trinity for over 20 years…and I have to say this has now turned out to be THE showcase to attend in Texas! And how you do everything is nothing short of first class !

      I am looking forward to the opportunity to work your fall showcases in Orange CA…Las Vegas…and Bradenton FL.

      Again…thank you for all you do!”

      Trinity University
      Head Coach, Tim Scannell

      The Showball Guarantee

      • Attending Coaches
        Almost every single coach in attendance represents the head coaches (at our Head Coach Academic camps). They come, because they are the ultimate decision-makers and they want to see you play in person.
      • Our Promise
        coaches listed on our site have fully committed to attend our events.
      • Games and Exposure
        All ballplayers are guaranteed to be seen by all head coaches and decision-making coaches
      • Ballplayers
        All position players and pitchers will be seen by all head coaches and attending coaches during workouts and games
      • Camp Tuition
        Priced competitively, but Showball provides a better overall experience and value, since the actual head coaches attend Showball’s Head Coach Academic Camps. This is hard to find in the 
      • Player Feedback
        All players receive organized in-game/post-game one-on-one, player to coach, individual constructive feedback/review
      • Downtime and Breaks
        All Showball events are efficient and fast-paced.
      • Advice On The College Recruiting Process
        We are here to help. We share information openly and freely with all players and parents

      The Showcase Mission

      Showball was founded by former college baseball players who graduated and played professionally. After their playing careers ended, the career path opened with only one goal in mind: HELP HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT-ATHLETES NAVIGATE THE COLLEGE RECRUITING PROCESS. Showball was born! Many decades later, the mission remains the same, but continues to evolve and refined in order to make the college recruiting process more efficient and simple to navigate for players, parents, and the college coaches who recruit.

      What Head Coaches Say About Showball

      Head Coach
      Marist University

      “Head Coaches are responsible for every piece of their programs and recruiting is the life blood of college baseball”.

      Chris Tracz
      Head Coach
      Marist University

      Head Coach
      Hamilton College

      “As the head coach responsible for making all final decisions on all recruiting spots, it is vital that I see all prospects first-hand at least 1-2 times play live”. 

      Tim Byrnes
      Head Coach
      Hamilton College

      Head Coach
      Lehigh University

      “As the head coach and ultimate decision-maker, my goal is to see every kid play that we offer”. 


      Sean Leary
      Head Coach
      Lehigh University

      Head Coach
      Swarthmore College

      “Ultimately, it is to any player’s advantage to play in front of a Head Coach as much as possible. I am the one who directs the program and makes the final call on all players who come into our program”.

      Matt Midkiff
      Head Coach
      Swarthmore College

      What Parents & Players Say About Showball

      “Our son, Casen, attended your camp on 8/2 and 8/3. We just wanted to reach out to you and commend you on a really excellent ran camp. We have been to many, many (too many), camps and showcases and venues with our son since he was 9 years old.

      We felt our money and time was very well spent on this camp and our hope is that something will come out of it for him. Just wanted you to know. Thank you so much”

      Dina and Marc S.
      Son, Class of 2022

      “John thanks for an awesome camp the last couple of days. Coleman said it was one of the best baseball experiences he has ever had. That’s dang cool for a Dad to hear for sure! We look forward to another one very soon and I will bring his buddies this time. Not at all a money grab as people like to say about some of the other showcase camps similar to yours.

      Yours is a a real showcase! Lots of baseball, not a lot of downtime! Thanks again.”

      Joe R.
      Son, Class of 2020

      “As a baseball coach of many years, I have attended more showcases and tournaments than I care to admit. Yours by far was the best yet!! We appreciated the hospitality and responsiveness of the staff. Having so many head coaches interact both with the players and parents was exceptional. Both my players have both heard back from universities since attending the event. You are truly a man of your word which is rare today. Please know, what you are dedicating your precious time to is working beautifully. We cannot wait to attend more in the near future. Thank you very much!!

      James C.
      Sons, Class of 2022 & 2024

      Confirmed Schools & Head Coaches

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