Academic Camps

Showball Academic Camps provide the #1 academic showcase experience and events in the country.

Our camps create a unique opportunity and platform for high school student-athletes to showcase their respective talents in front of coaches from the top academic schools from the nation’s best Division I, II, and III baseball programs. Ballplayers who attend our academic camps place an equal to or higher than emphasis on their academic experience as they do on their athletic expectations at the collegiate level.

Showball’s Academic Showcase Camp allows student-athletes to interact with, learn from, and play for the nation’s top coaches who represent some of the most reputable schools in the United States. We have specifically designed this camp for student-athletes who are dedicated to excellence both on the field and in the classroom. We provide an invaluable opportunity for high school student-athletes to fully benefit from the value of achieving both an athletic and academic collegiate experience.

Showcase Camps

Showball Showcase Camps create an incredible opportunity and platform for student-athletes of all academic levels to interact with some of the most experienced college coaches throughout the nation. Showball prides itself on hosting a camp that is comprised of the most diverse collection of Division I, II and III programs—all in one setting.

Showball Showcase Camps provide an experience and opportunity for all student-athletes to showcase their talent in front of an assorted consortium of college coaches who are seeking ballplayers who will add tremendous value to their respective programs both on the field and in the classroom.

Showball Baseball
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