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Dates: December 20-22, 2014

Location: Chapman University, W.O. Hart Park - Orange, CA (Directions)


Drastically Increase your odds of playing college baseball by attending the West Coast World Series Showcase Camp. Showball Baseball has arranged for 50 Top Colleges (CLICK HERE FOR LIST OF ATTENDING COLLEGE COACHES) from the western region of the United States to provide elite instruction and evaluate your talent level over this 3 day event.

With 50 elite college coaches in attendance, the West Coast World Series Showcase Camp has the largest collection of West Coast coaches in the United States this year.

Important: Parents and Players Must Read

Showball Baseball is changing the landscape of the college baseball recruiting process. The old saying “if you’re good enough, they will find you” just simply isn’t true anymore. As you know, the recruiting process is highly competitive and it’s time to go above and beyond to ensure that you receive a fair opportunity to play college baseball. While most of us rely on our high school or travel/tournament teams for exposure, that just isn’t enough. Times are changing and it’s time to adjust or be left out.

When college coaches attend tournaments, they typically float around throughout the course of the day and have specific players that they need to watch play. When at those specific games, they typically stay anywhere from 1-2 innings in order to see a pitcher pitch or a batter get his 1 at bat. Once that happens, they’re off to see their next targeted player at the next field. Remember, most significant tournaments have anywhere from 50-100 teams in attendance with anywhere from 10-50 fields being utilized. If you’re a player who fly’s slightly under the radar like most of us are, you’re chances of being seen and evaluated by that coach are slim to none. Maybe you were lucky enough to get 1 at bat while that college coach was at the game watching your teammate and maybe you hit the ball well or threw the ball well. However, chances are, it just didn’t matter. It’s very rare and unlikely that you were able to make enough of an impression in just that 1 at bat or inning pitched for the college coaches to pay attention.

That is why the West Coast World Series Showcase camp is such a valuable opportunity. Since most of us are not the quintessential pro prospect, can’t miss players out of High School, we need college coaches to recognize our fundamentals, passion and other qualities that make us the great ballplayers we are. For that to happen, it generally requires that a college coach watches you play multiple times so that they see you consistently get the job done. ONLY in an event like this will you have the opportunity to display the skills necessary for a coach to pay attention and come to that realization. With 3 full days and 50 coaches glued to every move you make, you have the unique chance to demonstrate that you can play at their programs. In the last 4 years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with over 150 Division I coaches and over 1000 players. Of those 1000 players, there have been numerous stories of players receiving scholarships that were considered too small, slow, or simply didn’t throw hard enough to be recruited. However, after 3 days of the Showball event, they were able to make a lasting impression on one of the coaches in attendance and secure a scholarship or a roster spot at their program.

There are no guarantees that you’ll receive a scholarship or play Division I baseball, but there is a guarantee that you’ll receive a fair opportunity to display your skills and be seen. Once again, NO other organization will provide you with the opportunity to display your skills to 50 top Division I/II coaches and schools at one time.



Limited Spaces Available!

Sign-Up $695
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 (To take advantage of our payment plan option and secure a spot with a $295 deposit, please call 888-313-7469 x 102)

What to Expect

Each team will consist of approximately 15 players per team which includes all position players and pitchers. In addition, each team is limited to approximately (3) Middle Infielders, (1-2) First basemen, (1-2) Third basemen, (4) Outfielders, (2) Catchers, and (4-5) Pitchers. We limit the number of players per team so that each participant has ample opportunity to impress the coaches.

  • Written player worksheet from college coach

  • Hands on interaction and elite instruction from 50 college coaches

Day 1 - (December 20, 2014) Location:  Chapman University, (Orange, CA)

  • All players will participate in extensive workouts, drills, evaluations and instructional work.

  • Fundamentals and defensive drills for all positions (INF, OF, P, 1B, C)

  • All secondary Pitchers throw a bullpen session in from of all 50 coaches

Day 2 - (December 21, 2014) Location: Chapman University (Orange, CA)

  • All teams will play 2 games while being coached and instructed by ALL 50 schools

  • Fundamentals and defensive drills with coaches

  • If you're signed up as a Primary Pitcher only, you are not guaranteed to play a position or hit during the scrimmages


  • Constant instruction and verbal feedback from college coaches

Day 3 - (December 22, 2014) Location:  Chapman University (Orange, CA)

  • All teams will play 1 game while being coached and instructed by ALL 50 schools in attendance

  • Fundamentals and defensive drills with coaches

  • Extensive batting practice in cages before game

  • Constant instruction and verbal feedback from college coaches

  • Receive written evaluation from college coach




The following 50 coaches have committed to the West Coast World Series, December 20-22, 2014.  Barring the college coaches being terminated from their programs, accepting positions at other schools or last second family emergencies, we guarantee their attendance


                Amherst - Coach Joe Espinosa

                Biola - Coach Trevor Davidson

                BYU - Coach Trent Pratt

                Brown - Coach Mike McCormack

                Cal Poly Pomona - Coach Randy Betten

                Cal Poly SLO - Coach Tom Eager

                Cal State Bakersfield - Bob Macaluso

                Cal State Dominguez Hills - Coach Sid Lopez

                Cal State LA - Coach Joe Gordon

                Cal State Monterey Bay - Coach Derek Bell

                Cal State Northridge - Coach Chris Hom

                California Institute of Technology  - Coach Matthew Mark

                Chapman - Coach Scott Laverty

                Chico State - Coach Damon Lessler

                Dixie State - Coach Dave Martinez

                Florida International - Coach Sam Peraza

                Fresno State - Coach Steve Rousey

                Grand Canyon University - Coach Gregg Wallis

                Harvard - Coach Jeff Calcaterra

                Navy - Coach Bobby Applegate

                Nebraska - Coach Mike Kirby

                Nevada - Coach Mark Kertenian

                New Mexico - Coach Ken Jacome

                Occidental College - Coach Luke Wetmore

                Pacific - Coach Mike McCormick

                Penn - Coach Mike Santello

                Pepperdine - Coach Jon Strauss

                Point Loma University - Coach Ben Rosenthal

                Pomona Pitzer - Coach Jake Ayers

                Redlands - Coach Aaron Holley

                San Diego - Coach Ramon Orozco

                San Diego Christian - Coach Landon Burt

                San Diego State - Coach TBA

                San Francisco State - Coach Marc Johnson

                Santa Clara - Coach Keith Beauregard

                Seattle - Coach Elliot Cribby

                Sonoma State - Coach Esteban Contreras

                St Mary's - Coach Matt Fonteno

                UC Davis - Coach Lloyd Acosta

                UC Irvine - Coach Daniel Bibona

                UC Riverside - Bryson LeBlanc

                UC San Diego - Coach Rob Avila

                University Nevada Las Vegas - Coach Kevin Higgins

                Utah - Coach Mike Crawford

                Washington - Coach Jason Kelly

                Washington State - Coach Joe Ross

                Westmont College - Coach Bob Batesole

                Willamette - Coach Matt Kosderka




Limited Spaces Available!


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Sign-Up $695

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Featuring these 50 Colleges

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